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The ENGLiSH CiRCLE” is an web platform dedicated to help you with personalised English Learning On-Line.

Pierre GESLiN has been teaching ENGLiSH to business professionals since 2005 in Belgium, Luxembourg and France for a total of over 7 000 hours.

In his own words:

 » I believe that you don’t learn English as a second (”foreign”) language anymore….
You learn English because it’s THE Global Language (Globish!). The language for the “Global Village”.
Give the world a single language. Give it also the means to communicate its thoughts instantly (the Internet, the Web, this Blog, etc;)…
And maybe, just maybe, we’’ll have a chance to start understanding each other better ».

Pierre GESLiN

Contact Pierre GESLiN today and start improving your communication in English.
For more info, visit:
facebook.com/english.circle or
Call 0685 75 99 17

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